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Monday the Last Day to Register to Vote in August Primary

Today is the deadline to register to vote and change your party affiliation for the August 18th primary election.
You have to be a registered member of a particular political party in order to vote for that party’s candidate.
Broward Supervisor of Elections Peter Antonacci says those are contests on the primary ballot where no one is running from the other party in November are essentially general elections.

Register to vote in Palm Beach County here.
Register to vote in Broward County here.

You can do both, register to vote and change your party affiliation, on your county’s elections department website.
You can also print, fill out and mail the form.

While Florida is a closed primary state, all voters can cast ballots in what are called Universal Primaries.

The deadline comes just four days after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law mandating that felons who have completed their sentences must first they pay fees, fines, and restitution before they can vote.

Florida lawmakers passed a bill adding that requirement after voters passed a state constitutional amendment in 2018 giving felons the right to vote.
Nearly a million felons in Florida have completed their prison sentences but only about 85-thousand have registered to vote.