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Mom stops feeding baby because it was “annoying”

Baker County Sheriff's Office
Baker County Sheriff’s Office

Authorities in Baker County, Florida have arrested a 21-year-old mother for neglecting to feed her 8-month-old child.
Haylee Kent was taken into custody on April 19th and charged with multiple counts of child neglect with and without great bodily harm.
Investigators in Jacksonville say they began looking into Kent earlier this month after the 8-month-old boy was brought into Wolfson Children’s Hospital by his grandmother.
Officials say the child was gravely-ill and needed treatment for life-threatening injuries related to starvation.
According to the report, the child had the average weight of a two-month-old despite being 8-months.
Authorities say they also found other signs of neglect and abuse like a skull fracture.
While the child was in the hospital, Kent did not visit and refused to cooperate with the Department of Children and Families.
During her arrest, Kent told police that she was “annoyed” at how often the child needed to be fed, so she just stopped doing it.
The child has since been placed in a foster care where he is said to be recovering.