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Mom of teen who killed classmate tried to cover up murder

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The mom of a 14-year-old boy who is accused of killing a 13-year-old schoolmate has been arrested after authorities say they found video evidence that she tried to cover her son’s tracks after the murder.

35-year-old Crystal Smith was arrested on Saturday after authorities found a video that shows Smith scrubbing a substance off of her son Aiden Fucci’s, jeans in a bathroom sink when police left the home with him in custody.

Authorities eventually did get ahold of the jeans and reported that both the jeans and residue from the sink tested positive for blood.

Smith is now facing charges for tampering with evidence.

“Our goal in any investigation is to ensure proper accountability across the board for successful prosecution,” St. Johns County Sheriff Robert A. Hardwick said in a statement following Smith’s arrest. “Crystal Smith will be held responsible for her role in this case and justice will be served for Tristyn Bailey and her family.”

Fucci is accused of stabbing his classmate Tristyn Bailey 114 times in a wooded area near his home on May 10th.

Investigators reported at of the 114 stab wounds, at least 49 of them where inflicted on her hands, arm, and head and were of a “defensive in nature.”

While authorities are still unsure what prompted Fucci to kill Bailey, several people who knew Fucci reported that he told them that ” he intended to kill someone.”

Fucci has been charged with first-degree murder. A judge has decided that he will be charged as an adult.