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Mom drives getaway car for son who robbed a store

A Florida woman has been arrested after she assisted her teenaged son in robbing a convenience store.

The incident occurred at a Circle K in Winter Springs, Florida back in October, however, authorities did not catch up with the pair until later.

Officials say Amanda Meador drove her 15-year-old son to the store and sent him inside with a ransom note.

The teen handed the clerk a ransom note which prompted the clerk hand over the cash from the register. The teen then ran  back to his mother’s minivan and the pair began to drive off.  The mother then stopped the car and let the teen out after she realized that he dropped the money he just stole.

The teen grabbed the money and then ran to the vehicle.

Authorities say though the store had surveillance cameras, they could not get an ID on the car because the pair covered the license plate.

Investigators were later able to identify the teen because he left fingerprints on the note he handed the attendant.

It is unclear if the teen will face any charges, however, Meador has been charged with felony armed robbery and child neglect. She is currently being held without bond.