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Missing mother found dead after wiring daughter money

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(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

The body of a missing 59-year-old woman has been found less than 24 hours after she was initially reported missing.
Debbie Collier’s body was found on September 11th in a wooded area on U.S. 441 near Victory Home Lane.
Authorities discovered her body 60 miles from her home after tracking the rental vehicle she was driving using the satellite radio feature.
According to the report, Collier’s body was found outside of the rented vehicle along with a red duffle bag and a burned blue tarp.
Collier’s daughter Amanda Bearden, contacted the police department Saturday afternoon after her mother sent her a concerning message reading “they are not going to let me go love you,” and a Venmo payment of $2,385.
Bearden says she tried to contact her mother but she could not reach her.
Collier’s husband told authorities that the last time he saw Collier was at 9:00 p.m. the prior night when they went to bed.
He reported that he had to work Saturday morning but when he left, her car was still in the driveway.
The family reported that Collier left the home with only her debit card and her license, which they claim is “usual” behavior for her.
Authorities are still investigating the incident.
Collier’s body has been brought to the medical examiner’s office to determine her cause of death.