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Missing man’s body found inside dinosaur statue

stock photo (AP Photo/Sang Tan)

Officials in Barcelona, Spain are reporting that the body of a missing man has been found inside the body of a papier-mâché dinosaur statue.

The body was discovered Saturday in front of the in Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

Authorities say a father and son where passing by the statue when they noticed a foul odor coming from it. The father then called police when he noticed the body of the victim through a crack in the dinosaur’s leg.

Three teams of firefighters worked to cut through the statue to get to the victim.

While officials are unsure how the man got inside of the dinosaur, they reported that the victim was attempting to retrieve his phone that fell inside. The victim then fell inside the statue upside down and become stuck.

Authorities are now conducting an autopsy to determine the victim’s cause of death.

Officials say the statue was an advertisement for an old movie and has since been removed from the area.