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Missing child found in foreign country

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A 10-year-old girl who was reported missing earlier this year, has been found safe in a foreign country.

The Collin County Sheriff’s Office reported that they located Sophie Long after several months investigating the child’s disappearance.

Authorities say they were aware that the child’s father was behind her disappearance, however, father began laying low after being ordered to turn the child over to a relative.

Michael Long, who is in police custody, told the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview that he was willing to go to jail to “protect” his daughter from his ex-wife’s fiancé who he claims sexually abused the child.

The child’s father is now “in custody on a felony warrant for interference with Child Custody.”

While authorities did not say which country the child was located in, they did report that the U.S. Government is working with that country to return the child to the U.S.