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Miramar police officer arrested for domestic-related incident

Miramar police
Miramar police

MIRAMAR, FL– A Miramar police officer has been arrested after he allegedly kidnapped and abused a woman he had been dating.
26-year-old Joshua Bogwandas was taken into custody on Monday after the victim reported the incident.
Authorities say they were called to a home around 2:40 a.m. by a woman who claimed that Bogwandas choked and repeatedly struck her because she refused to speak with him.
The victim told police that she and Bogwandas went out to a nightclub in Miami with some friends, where they had a few drinks and smoked marijuana.
Later in the evening, the two went to the victim’s mother’s house to pick up their children.
The victim told police that on the ride home, she saw a message on Bogwandas’ phone from his ex-girlfriend and became upset.
Bogwandas allegedly insisted that he and the victim talk about the situation, however, the victim refused.
When they arrived home, the victim says she went to bed and that’s when Bogwandas straddled her and began choking her.
The victim says she told Bogwandas she could not breathe but he went on to say, “If you’re talking, you can breathe.”
The victim says she eventually broke free and ran to her child’s room believing that Bogwandas would not harm her in front of her child.
Bogwandas, however, followed her into the room and pulled her out by her hair.
The victim then ran out of the home but was pulled back inside by her shirt.
Bogwandas reportedly continued to strike the victim in the living room.
The victim told police she was eventually able to access her phone and dialed 911.
Once Bogwandas noticed that she was on the phone with police, he fled the scene.
Authorities were able to track Bogwandas down and arrested him.
He is now facing domestic battery and kidnapping charges.

Bogwandas has since been relieved of duty.