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Millionaire Dentist busted for killing wife at African Safari as part of ‘love-triangle’ scheme

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(DENVER, CO) – We have another reason to be scared of the dentist…

Lawrence Rudolph, a 67-year-old wealthy dentist, is accused of murdering his wife during an African safari as part of a scheme to collect approximately $5 million in life insurance and fly off with his mistress of two decades, according to sources.

The locked and loaded dentist claimed he was innocent during the trial and stated his wife, Bianca Rudolph, accidentally shot herself in the heart while on a hunting trip at Kafue National Park.

“Lawrence Rudolph murdered his wife,” wrote FBI Special Agent Donald Peterson, “as part of a scheme to defraud life insurance companies and to obtain money and property from them through the false and fraudulent pretense, representation and promise that the death was an accident.”

Rudolph allegedly confessed to his bedmate, Lori Milliron, in 2020 that the FBI was investigating the death of his wife in Zambia during an argument at a Phoenix steakhouse.

He screeched to Milliron, “I killed my f****** wife for you!”, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Bishop Grewell during opening statements of the murder trial.

Rudolph is charged with murder and mail fraud as part of a ‘premeditated crime,’ and if convicted, will face the death penalty or life in prison.

His mistress is charged with lying to a grand jury and for being an accessory.

Staff Writer, Julianna Caban, contributed to this story.