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Military Expert: Biden didn’t have a plan, that’s why there’s chaos in Afghanistan

Chaos at Kabul airport

United States Marine Corps Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathon P. Myers discussed the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and how to help the 10,000 – 15,000 Americans stranded in Afghanistan with Jen and Bill Thursday morning.

Lt. Col. Myers served as an Intelligence Officer with the USMC for 28 years during which he participated in many of the most high-profile national security events of the last 30 years.
He said that President Biden did not follow the proper plan to draw down the troops. He says Marines on the ground are trained to follow the plans for a “non-combatant” evacuation operation.

He says they were not allowed to execute that plan and now they are executing the mission as they should be. Myers said President Trump was going to use that plan, President Biden threw it out.
Listen to the full interview here with Lt. Col. Jonathon Myers.