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Michigan shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley charged with terrorism and first-degree murder

The Oakland County Sheriff said school officials met this week with 15-year-old shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley and his parents to discuss “concerning behavior” shortly before mass shooting.

Crumbley has been identified as Oxford High School mass shooter, he told a judge Wednesday that he understood the 24 criminal charges he’s facing in connection with the mass shooting that killed four students and injured seven.

Crumbley faces up to life in prison after being charged Wednesday afternoon with first-degree murder, terrorism and related gun crimes in the shooting of fellow students.

Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald charged Ethan Crumbley, age 15, as an adult.

The high school sophomore is accused of killing four people.

McDonald said the facts “suggest this was not an impulsive act,” adding “we are considering charges aganist both parents and we will be making a decision swiftly.

Judge Nancy Carniak arraigned Crumbley on charges Wednesday afternoon and denied him bond. She also ruled he be transferred from the county’s Children’s Village to the Oakland County Jail.

Crumbley stood mute and the judge entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf.