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Miami Woman Allegedly Uses Government PPP Funds To Hire a Hitman

Recently released documents reveal an intricate murder-for-hire plot funded by taxpayer dollars in last year’s killing of a TSA agent in Miami.
A Florida woman, 33-year-old Jasmine Martinez, is under arrest for allegedly using funds from the COVID-19 Paycheck Protection Program loan to hire a hitman.
Authorities in Miami say used part of a $15,000 PPP loan to pay a hitman who allegedly shot and killed 24-year-old Le’Shonte Jones in front of her home last year.
Martinez reportedly received the loan on April 20, 2021, and withdrew $10,000 of it from her account just days before Jones was shot to death.
Police have separately arrested Javon Carter, who they believe was the hitman. Carter is charged with first-degree murder in Jones’s case and the attempted murder of Jones’s 3-year-old daughter, who was reportedly grazed by bullets at the time. Police reportedly also found a video on Carter’s phone that showed him counting money just hours after Jones’s death, saying “just another day in the office.”
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