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Miami squatter shot by police serving eviction notice identified

UPDATE: More details are out on the woman shot to death by police in Miami-Dade County serving an eviction notice. Police identified the alleged squatter killed in Tuesday’s shooting in Brickell as Stephanie Voikin. The 40-year-old was killed after police say she fired at officers serving the eviction notice. Neighbors say Voikin was invited to a party last year at a unit on the 22nd floor, and never left even after the tenants moved out. Officials say her actions, living in the dwelling without a lease or paying rent, were protected by the COVID eviction moratorium until last week when she refused to leave.


The pandemic is a truly difficult time for so many people struggling to pay their rent on time.

With tensions running high and pockets running low, poor choices follow closely.

How do we help those struggling to afford rent, food and shelter?

A woman was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon by Miami-Dade police offers after she fired on them while they served an eviction at Brickell high-rise apartment building, the agency said.

Officers were serving the eviction at the Brickell 1st building, 110 SW 12th St.

A Miami-Dade police union official said the woman had allegedly made prior threats, and opened fire on police when they entered the unit. The officers went in with shields and returned fire, he said.

No officers were hurt in the gunfire.

South Florida Police Benevolent Association President Steadman Stahl said “It’s tragic, but you can’t be shooting at police officers,”

A new Eviction Squatter Task Force began last month to help process the tremendous backlog of evictions and other court-ordered actions that had been put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic.