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Miami police officer arrested for using Airtag to stalk ex-girlfriend

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A Miami-Dade police officer has been placed on house arrest after an investigation found that he used Apple Airtags to stalk his ex-girlfriend.
The incident occurred sometime around March 20th when the victim says she broke up with her boyfriend 27-year-old Javier Magarin, and moved out of their house.
Hours after the victim left, she says she noticed the sound of an Airtag in her vehicle. She then texted Magarin to ask if he was stalking her.
Magarin denied the allegations.
Despite the denial, the woman still continued to hear the noise for about a week, so she hatched a plan to leave her car at a friend’s house.
The victim says Magarin began leaving messages on her phone about the location of the vehicle and even sent her a picture of the vehicle parked outside her friend’s home.
When the victim returned to the area, she noticed Magarin sitting in his truck, parked across from her car.
After speaking with Magarin, he admitted that he did place an Airtag on her vehicle but that he removed it on March 23rd just before he went to work.
The victim however says Margin continued to stalk her and make threats of suicide.
In April the woman says she began hearing the ring of the Airtag again and this time, she drove to the police station. Authorities searched the vehicle and eventually found an Airtag attached
to her vehicle’s undercarriage and concealed with heavy-duty tape.
When authorities traced the Airtag’s origin, they found that it belonged to Magarin.
He was formally arrested on Thursday and is facing misdemeanor charges for stalking and the illegal use of a tracking device.
Magarin was said to have joined the MDPD’s Special Victims Unit in 2021.