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Miami man wrongly convicted of robbery-murder is a free man after 3 decades

View of empty corridor in prison

Greatest Feeling
After more than 30 years in a Florida prison wrongly convicted in a 1990 Coral Gables robbery-murder case, Thomas James is now a free man.
Didn’t Do Crime
Last year, the State Attorneys Office Innocence Project was able to get the conviction overturned by proving there was no DNA evidence or matching fingerprints to link him to the crime.
A key witness also recanted her statement.

Prosecutors said it appeared to be a “chance coincidence.”

After two men entered an apartment in the Coconut Grove section of Miami on Jan. 17, 1990, and one of them fatally shot a man during a robbery, witnesses and tipsters said the gunman was named Thomas James.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office said an investigation that it conducted in cooperation with the Innocence Project found that not only did”reasonable doubt” exist in the conviction, but also that “Thomas Raynard James is actually innocent of the charges.”