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Miami Beach commissioners pass rule limiting alcohol sales during spring break

Miami Beach commissioners have passed a new law that will limit alcohol sales in certain areas of Miami during Spring Break.

The new rule, which was passed on its first reading on Feb. 12, was passed by a 5-2 vote on its second reading during a commission meeting on Wednesday.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said it will stop liquor sales at 3 a.m. from March 13 – 19 to areas between Fifth and 15th streets. Several major roadways, such as Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, Washington Avenue and Española Way, are affected by the new rule.

Some commissioners did not agree with the law, because it could affect the working wages of locals who work overnight at bars.

However, Mayor Gelber said “We’re being promoted as a place where anything goes,” “At the end of the day, when your police chief says, ‘You have to help us. Our cops are tired. This place is too crowded. We can’t control it.’ You have to do something,”

Spring break on Miami Beach in the past years has been known to become nationally and virally a place for fights on the beach, and reckless behavior.