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Mexican telenovela star convicted in Miami Manslaughter case

Pablo Lyle
Mexican actor Pablo Lyle reacts during a hearing at the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building, in Miami, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2022. Lyle’s defense attorneys presented a motion for a new trial after he was convicted in 2022, in a manslaughter case in the death of 63-year-old Juan Ricardo Hernandez during a road rage incident, in 2019. (Pedro Portal/Miami Herald via AP, Pool)

MIAMI, FL — A Mexican telenovela star is set to be sentenced for the death of a man involved in a road-rage incident back in 2019.
Pablo Lyle was convicted on one count of manslaughter in the death of 63-year-old Juan Ricardo Hernandez on Tuesday.
Police say Lyle, his wife, child, and his brother-in-law were headed heading to Miami International Airport to go back to Mexico City when Lyle’s brother-in-law cut off Hernandez.
Surveillance video shows Hernandez got out of his vehicle and angrily confronted Lyle and his brother-in-law at their vehicle.
Lyle is then seen exiting the passenger side of the vehicle, running up to Hernandez, and punching him in the head.
Hernandez was knocked out cold and after hitting the ground, was said to have suffered a traumatic brain injury.
He died four days later.
Lyle was taken into custody and charged with manslaughter.
On Tuesday, Lyle’s attorneys stated that he was defending his family from what he believed was a violent attacker.
“All they knew for those seconds was it was a stranger,” said defense attorney Phil Reizenstein, “who had decided to intrude on their lives for reasons, for the most part, that we don’t know.”
Prosecutor Rachel Morales argued that Hernandez begged Lyle not to harm him before was fatally punched.
The jury took the side of the prosecutors.
Lyle now faces up to 15 years in state prison.