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Metal Detectors coming to Broward Schools

Boy at an airport security checkpoint

Calling it “an additional layer of protection” Broward County School Superintendent Vickie Cartwright announced Wednesday that metal detectors will be deployed throughout the district to “ensure safer learning environments.”

“We will be using hand held metal detectors during the school day to conduct random screenings in our schools,” she said in video posted to Twitter.

She went on to say that all schools and classrooms that become subject to screening will be selected randomly by a computerized tool and would include all students and their belongings.

The move is the latest effort to secure Broward schools following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School in 2018.

Other measures implemented since the tragedy include more security guards and surveillance cameras.

Students found to be in violation of the policies forbidding weapons and illicit substances will be subject to expulsion and arrest.