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Memphis teen arrested for live-streaming brutal shooting spree on Facebook

(MEMPHIS, TN) – The 19-year-old man who impelled a deadly manhunt in Memphis after shooting 7 people, killing 4, and live-streaming the spree on Facebook was arrested Wednesday night, according to Memphis Police Dept.

Ezekiel Kelly was taken into custody after totaling a stolen Dodge Challenger, intending to flee Tennessee after a state-wide manhunt was issued for his murderous rampage, according to reports.

Kelly’s crimes date back to February 2020, when he was first indicted on murder charges.

Police say the teen’s spree began when he shot a man at a gas station and then a woman a minute later Wednesday afternoon, live-streaming the atrocity on Facebook, according to Fox 13.

The madman’s live-stream documented the moment he entered an AutoZone, proceeding to raise his handgun and firing it at a man.

“This sh-t for real. It’s getting real wild here,” Kelly says, the sound of gunfire blasting in the background.

Kelly is charged with first degree murder, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon, and using a gun during a felony, according to police reports.

The shooter avidly posed with handguns, uploading them to his Facebook page.

In one post, Kelly chillingly commented, ‘I’m sorry momma I know you hate how I live…I know you pray every night I swear wont GO witout a fight.’