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Memorial HealthCare hit with possible ransomware attack

Emergency care sign in front of hospital in New York City, USA

TALLAHASSEE, FL– Memorial HealthCare in Tallahassee may have been hit with a ransomware attack.
The attack occurred late Thursday night and forced the hospital to shut down its IT network.
As of now, the hospital is classifying the situation as an “IT security issue,” however, the IT issue has all of the markings of a ransomware attack.
The hospital has issued a statement saying that they are in the process of rescheduling non-emergency patient appointments and that they have moved some of their emergency room patients within the hospital.
For now, the hospital has not had to transport any patients to nearby hospitals.
Memorial Health is headquartered in Tallahassee but provides healthcare services across 21 counties in Florida and Georgia.
It is unclear when the systems will be back online.
The hospital is currently working with the police.