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Meet Republican Antoine Tucker, AOC’s Main Opponent

Antoine Tucker is an African American Republican running against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her New York Congressional seat. Tucker filed his candidacy in early June 2019 and introduces himself on a video on his campaign website as “the first ex-felon that’s Black and Hispanic to run for Congress in the history of this nation.” Hey, AOC was a bartender. He earned a GED in prison and went on to own a tattoo shop in Brooklyn called Top Shelf Ink. Tucker is a staunch Trump supporter and his top priority is education reform. He visualizes a system where parents can take the same classes as students, and teachers can hold parents accountable: “Children have potential and it is evident when parents are involved. The lack of parental reinforcement at home for poor behavior/attendance would allow teachers to issue referrals to the school guidance counselor so parents can receive assistance with communication skills and other needs.” President Trump retweeted Tucker’s latest rant. ***Warning Offensive Language*** (he uses the f-bomb a few times)