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Mechanics find bunny buried in undercarriage of BMW

(NAPLES, FLA) — Mechanics at a BMW dealership in Naples were carrying out an oil change, when they discovered a bunny buried in the undercarriage of a car.

Employees working at the Germain BMW of Naples began hearing scratches coming from the bottom of the car, and discovered an animal crawling in the motor mount area, according to reports.

The heat from the engine had prompted a bunny to seek refuge from the cold in the plastic undercarriage near the motor.

Mechanics safely released the bunny and recorded it running rabid across the dealership.

“We didn’t know what moved faster, the bunny or our employee,” Kyle, a mechanic at Germain BMW, told Local 10. “The bunny was released outside of the door, into the mulch and I think he went back into his bunny home.”