McDonald’s is celebrating #InternationalWomensDay with a big yellow W

On Thursday, a McDonald’s restaurant in California flipped the trademark yellow “M” upside-down turning the trademark into a “W” in honor of  International Women’s day.

A mayor in California took to Instagram to acknowledge McDonald’s celebration.


Patricia Williams, owner of both McDonald’s Restaurants in Lynwood, has done the unprecedented and what we all thought was impossible – she turned the iconic M at the McDonald’s on Long Beach Boulevard and Imperial Highway upside down to represent the W in celebration of WOMEN everywhere! Not only are we in the middle of Women’s History Month, but tomorrow, Thursday, March 8, 2018 is International Women’s Day and Patricia and her awesome team will be at our McDonald’s to celebrate women everywhere from Noon to 2 p.m. A former employee of McDonald’s myself (at this exact McDonald’s), and a huge advocate of WOMEN everywhere, and knowing Patricia personally, words cannot express how amazingly beautiful this advertising gesture is for women everywhere. How lucky are we in Lynwood that our McDonald’s is the only one in the country whose M’s are being turned upside down? I would say we are pretty lucky and our new W would beat any Super Bowl ad in a snap! On behalf of WOMEN everywhere, THANK YOU PATRICIA!!! #CelebrateWomen 👏🏽 #MayorSolache #ProudMayor #CityofLynwood #Lynwood #LynwoodCA #Woman #Women #90262 #WeAreLynwood #WorkingForLynwood #GoLynwood #CelebrateWomenEveryday #ProudLynwoodMayor #ProudFormerEmployee

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The restaurant chain will also mark the occasion at another 100 US locations, where McDonald’s employees will wear special hats and shirts.



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