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Mayor in Florida accused of hitting man with rake during hurricane cleanup

Brevard County Sheriffs Office
Brevard County Sheriffs Office

A Brevard County area mayor has been arrested after he allegedly struck another man with a rake during a Hurricane Ian clean-up effort.
The incident occurred on Sept. 30th at an Orlando Park pavilion.
Officials say 59-year-old David Berkman, who is the Mayor of Indialantic, slapped a man across the face with a rake after the man began filming Berkman on his phone.
According to the report, the victim says he was filming Berkman because the mayor made several threats to “Kicking his a**.”
The victim told the Indialantic Police Department that he would like to pursue charges against Berkman, so they took Berkin into custody.
He has since been released on a $500 bond. Berkman faces a misdemeanor battery charge and is due in court on Oct. 31st.