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Massive boa constrictor captured by St. Lucie deputies

St Lucie Snake
St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office

(ST. LUCIE COUNTY, FL)– Deputies were called out to a trailer park near US-1 in response to a giant snake seen slithering through the area on Friday.

A boa constrictor measuring 10 feet in length and weighing around 65 pounds was wrangled by an agricultural deputy with assistance from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Photos indicate the snake is healthy and well fed which could mean it is an escaped pet.

Though the non-venomous snake is not native to Florida the species has gained a foothold in some counties since the 1970s.

The largest is at the Charles Deering Estate in southeast Miami-Dade County according to the University of Florida.

Boa constrictors are known to feed on rodents such as squirrels as well as native birds and even housecats.

St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office