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Mass shooting suspect bonds out of jail hours after shooting

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(AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File)

A Montgomery County District Attorney is asking for an increase in bail after a man accused of killing one person and injuring six, was able to bond out of jail just hours after the mass causality incident.

23-year-old Tory Johnson was able to bond out of jail just hours after opening fire inside of Bama Lanes on Sunday.

Surveillance video showed Johnson involved in a verbal altercation with another person before he pulled out a gun and opened fire on a crowd of people. Authorities reported that despite the person Johnson was involved in the altercation with trying to de-escalade the situation, he still opened fire before fleeing the scene.

21-year-old Jeffery Reed was pronounced dead at the scene.  Two other men where rushed to the hospital with life-threatening gunshot wounds, and one woman and three men where taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

Johnson was taken to custody but posted the $270,000 bail just hours later.

District Attorney Daryl Bailey sent a motion on Monday recommending that the court increase Johnson’s bail to $2 million and order Johnson’s “immediate arrest,” explaining that Johnson is a danger to the community.

Paper work for a warrant has been sent in according to a report, now it is up to a judge to determine if bail should be raised in the case:

“Once a warrant is signed then it is sent to our office for prosecution and we review the case and file motions as needed based on the case,” Bailey said. “In this case we received the paperwork today (Monday) and filed motions to increase bail due to my belief that the bail was inadequate. It will be up to a judge whether to increase the bail or not,” the magistrate reported.

Johnson has been charged with murder, two counts of first-degree assault and four counts of second-degree assault.