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Martin County students take racist photo, their families appeal punishments

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(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. — Six students of Martin County’s Hidden Oaks Middle school took a photo displaying a racial slur in May, and their families are asking for some leniency from the school board.

The six students who appeared in the photo with 3D letters over their torsos spelling out the racial slur were each given punishments after an investigation by the district.

Families of the students attempted to appeal the final decisions of the school board on Wednesday, referring to an apology letter the children wrote expressing their regret and remorse.

School board member, Victoria Defenthaler, cast doubt on the sincerity of the letter saying, “From what we’re hearing, this was planned for weeks,”

The district has not announced whether any of the appeals will be granted.

The students involved have not been identified as they are all minors.