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Martin County schools offer enrollment for students in other areas

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The Martin County school district is currently offering enrollment to students in other counties.

The program called Controlled open enrollment, allows districts to offer enrollment as long as it is under their capacity restriction as is required by Florida state statute.

In Martin county, that capacity restriction is set at 75%.

“In February, we take a look at our capacity, we take a look at growth and projections for next school year, and we make a determination about the schools that we feel could be part of the controlled open enrollment plan for families outside of our county to apply for attending school in the Martin County School District,” said spokesperson Jennifer DeShazo.

Eight Martin County schools are open for controlled open enrollment. They are as follows:

  • Citrus Grove Elementary
  • Crystal Lake Elementary
  • Hobe Sound Elementary
  • SeaWind Elementary
  • Hidden Oaks Middle
  • Indiantown Middle
  • Murray Middle
  • Stuart Middle
  • Jensen Beach High

If your student is enrolled in a participating school outside of their district, you would need to provide transportation for them but according to DeShazo, they will be allowed to remain at the school for each grade level.

Controlled open enrollment begins on March 1st and ends March 31st.

Parents who are interested in participating are required to fill out the form 407a on the district’s website to get started.