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Martin County landlord placed hidden camera in child’s room

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A landlord is facing charges after he allegedly installed several cameras in a 12-year-old girl’s room to spy on her.
61-year-old Bruce Wayne Grady was taken into custody earlier this week.
The Martin County Sheriff’s Office says that the girl noticed something was wrong when she tried to plug her hair straightener in an outlet but it wouldn’t fit.
The girl then inspected the outlet and found a small camera inside of it and told her mother.
Investigators found that the outlet contained a black box that was glued to the back of the outlet with an empty slot for a micro-SD card.
Authorities asked the child’s mother if she had any idea how the camera could have gotten into the outlet, and she mentioned her landlord Grady.
Officials say they found several pictures and videos of the child on Grady’s phone.
According to the report, Grady installed multiple cameras in the child’s room and bathroom and used a Wifi connection to view them whenever he pleased.