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Marine Patrol Saves Three Men from Capsized Boat Off Broward Coast

Deputies rescued three men off the coast of South Florida earlier this week, after their fishing boat capsized.

Broward Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Miranda Grossman says marine and aviation patrol deputies received a distress call on Tuesday night about a mile off Pompano Beach.

When deputies arrived, they spotted the men flashing a light toward the shore.

Marine patrol units navigated through the rough waters and located the stranded boaters with help from deputies searching in the air.

The three men were sitting on top of their overturned boat, and were pulled to safety individually.

According to deputies, the boat capsized as a result of the high winds and 4-to-5-foot sea conditions.

All three of the men were wearing life jackets and did not report any injuries.

Officials are advising boaters to have the proper safety equipment on board before going into the water, and to be aware of weather conditions and other potential hazards.