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Man’s family seeks justice after interaction with a bouncer leaves him in coma

Emergency care sign in front of hospital in New York City, USA

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL– The family of a 34-year-old man is calling for justice after their family member sustained a severe head injury after allegedly being pushed by a bouncer. 

The incident occurred on Friday outside of Capone’s nightclub in Fort Lauderdale. 

Family members told reporters that Andrew Palacios was out celebrating his birthday when for some reason he was pushed by a bouncer at Capone’s. After being pushed, Palacios reportedly fell and hit his head so hard on the ground that his brain shifted:

 “When he fell, the pressure was so hard on the back of his head that his brain shifted to the front,” according to Palacios’ sister. 

The family says they found out about the incident after Palacios failed to show up to work. 

The family then tracked his phone and found him at a hospital. 

According to the report, Palacios was placed into a medically induced coma at the hospital. 

While the family says they are unable to ask him questions, the whole incident was caught on surveillance video. 

Fort Lauderdale Police are currently reviewing the video and investigating the case.