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Manager of a Wendy’s pours hot oil on customer

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

The manager of a Wendy’s in Tennessee has been arrested after he reportedly threw hot grease on an upset customer.

The incident occurred on October 6th in Huntingdon.

According to police, a customer who ordered through the drive-thru came back through the drive-thru to complain that their food was cold.

23-year-old Demarrus Pritchett who was working as the shift manager at the time, attempted to handle the situation but instead a dispute occurred.

Pritchett is then seen on surveillance video going into the back of the kitchen and returning with a hot pan of oil. He then dumped it on the customer through the window.

The customer was rushed to Baptist Memorial Hospital with severe burns to his arm and left side.

Pritchett acknowledged the attack and told authorities that the customer was known to him and had been harassing him for several weeks about dogs.

Pritchett has been charged with aggravated assault.