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Man with pepper spray saves woman during abduction attempt

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Chicago, IL–
A dog walker is being called a hero after he saved a woman from her potential abductors by spraying pepper spray into their car.
The incident was reported on August 24th in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.
Chicago Police say the dog walker noticed a car pull up to the 30-year-old victim, and an occupant step out and grab the woman by the shoulder.
The dog walker says he could tell by the woman’s body language that she was in trouble:
“What looked off is her body language,” the man told CBS News. “She obviously didn’t know this person… So I charged across the street.”
The man began yelling at the suspect and pepper sprayed the suspect as he got into the car.
Authorities later noted that there were four men inside the car at the time and they all fled the scene after being sprayed.
According to NBC Chicago, the victim told the good Samaritan that the suspect said “Hey baby, you’re looking pretty good,” before grabbing her.
The good Samaritan told reporters that he started carrying around pepper spray after almost being mugged and that he is glad he was in the right place at the right time:
“People around me froze so I wanted to make sure I could help somebody out,” he said.

Authorities are still investigating the incident.