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Man with explosive vest dies after it detonated while he was driving

AP police, emergency

Police in Australia are investigating the death of a man who was reportedly wearing an explosive vest.

Authorities say the 43-year-old was found dead in his vehicle after the vest went off.

Witnesses told reporters that they heard an explosion and looked outside the window to see the vehicle going through a roundabout before hitting a parked vehicle.

The incident was reportedly captured on surveillance video in suburban Hallam on Saturday morning.

Investigators say surveillance showed the explosion rise about the roof and from the driver’s side window. The car then continued rolling forward before hitting a parked car.

A Bomb Response Unit was called to the scene to secure the area.

Authorities are still investigating the situation but they have revealed that the man was a former soldier and a father.

They also reported that immediately before the explosion, he’d just visited with a former partner.

Investigators did not say where the suspect was headed with the explosive vest.