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Man with checkered driving history smirks while running down 6-year-old

Harris County police
Harris County police

A man 52-year-old man is facing a DWI charge and a murder charge after he ran over a six-year-old child several times.
The incident occurred on Saturday in front of a laundromat off Leawood Boulevard and Bissonnet Street.
Police say the child and his grandfather were walking to a store to get a snack after dinner when Pedro Alberto Hernandez ran the child over.
The grandfather told police that after Hernandez initially hit the child, he then back up his vehicle, running him over again. Hernandez was said to have then stopped the vehicle with one of the tires on the boy’s head.
“He came in on my left side and hit my grandson. That’s how close he was to me,” Dana Hubbard said. “I was able to hit his car to let him know what happened. I ran around and I said, ‘You just hit my grandson.’ He stopped, he backed up, drove over my grandson again, and stopped his truck on his head.”
The grandfather also reported that Hernandez appeared to have a smirk on his face as he yelled at him to get the car off of his grandson:
“I swung out on him because he was laughing and thought it was funny,” Hubbard said.
Hernandez reportedly attempted to flee the scene, however, the Hubbard and other witnesses were able to hold him there until police arrived.
Hernandez admitted that he had four, 16-ounce beers before the incident despite being on probation for a 2020 DWI conviction in which Hernandez was ordered not to drink.
“The individual that killed the 6-year-old … this was his fourth, at least, DWI arrest,” Sean Teare, with Harris County’s Vehicular Crimes Division said.