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Man “who woke up wanting to kill someone” fatally stabs Uber driver

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office

NEW ORLEANS, LA– A 29-year-old man who fatally stabbed a Uber driver because he “wanted to kill someone” has been taken into custody.
“He stated that he woke up yesterday morning and decided he was going to kill someone,” Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto said.
Deputies responded to a hotel parking lot around 3:00 p.m. Thursday due to the report of a stabbing.
When they arrived at the hotel they found 54-year-old Yolanda Dillion who was working a side gig as a Uber driver in her vehicle with significant injuries.
She was rushed to an area hospital where she later died.
Investigators worked with Uber to identify the last person Dillion transported and found that the suspect, Brandon Jacobs, had been dropped off at the hotel.
Authorities learned that Jacobs was staying at the hotel and made contact with him.
According to the report, Jacobs immediately confessed to the crime.
“We asked him specifically, ‘How did you pick her?’ His response was, ‘I didn’t pick her, Uber picked her.'”
Authorities also reported that Jacobs recorded the incident and posted it on his Facebook page.
The video has since been taken down after authorities notified the platform.
Jacobs has been charged with second-degree murder and is currently being held without bond.
Dillion worked as a fiscal analyst at the New Orleans Police Department as her main job. Superintendent Shaun Ferguson told CNN that the department is “taking [Dillion’s killing] pretty hard.”