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Man Who Survived Gator Attack Bitten by Shark

A Florida man who was bitten by an alligator has now survived a shark attack.

Estero resident Justin Stuller was catching spiny lobsters in the Florida keys last week when he dove down to help a fish that had become stuck in some rocks.

“Right before I surfaced, wham,” Stuller says. “I felt the skin more than the shark. It rolled me over and I saw it swimming away.” Fortunately, his family was close by, and they were able to tie off his leg to stop the blood loss from the gaping wound, he says.

The incident marked the second time a predator has taken a chunk out of one of Stuller’s legs. He says he was once roping gators with some friends when one of the reptiles suddenly turned on him.

“As he rolled he kind of clamped on my leg, you know?” Stuller says. “I mean, a lot worse things that could happen in those cases in my opinion. It was as good of a bad experience as you could have, I would say.”

If you were Stuller, would you ever go near the water again?