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Man who ran into Wellington school bus tried to commit fraud at bank

PBC Fire Rescue
PBC Fire Rescue

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office is reporting that they have arrested the driver who ran into the back of a school bus Thursday on fraud charges.
According to the sheriff’s office shortly before the driver was involved in the accident at the intersection of Aero Club Drive and Cedar Bluff Place,
they received a call from an area bank concerning a man attempting to make a withdrawal under a fictitious name.
While trying to make the withdrawal, the suspect seemingly became nervous and walked out of the bank.
The suspect then got into a gold BMW that appeared to be occupied by four people and took off at a high rate of speed.
Around 2:15 p.m., what appears to be the same BMW slammed into the back of a school bus with five children and a driver still on board.
Two of the occupants inside of the gold vehicle fled the scene, while two stayed.
One of the individuals who stayed at the scene, was identified as the man who attempted to make a fraudulent withdrawal.
He was taken into custody and charged with criminal use of personal identification, grand theft, forgery of a credit card, and unauthorized possession of a driver’s license.
Authorities are still investigating the incident.