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Man uses someone else’s Social Security number to get job

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(AP Photo/Jenny Kane)

A Mexican citizen is now facing fraud charges after he admitted to knowingly using someone else’s social security number to obtain a job and other securities.
39-year-old Eric Jimenez Del Carmen was sentenced earlier this month for the incident that occurred back in 2019.
Officials say Del Carmen used a false ID number to be employed at an Iowa food manufacturer.
According to the report, Del Carmen had been using the social security number since 2006 and was able to obtain a California ID, a U.S. passport, an I-9 tax form, and at least two bank accounts with it.
He pleaded guilty to misuse of a Social Security number in April but was sentenced this month to 21 months in federal prison.
Prosecutors asked for an extended prison sentence stating that Del Carmen had an extensive criminal history:
“Looking at the defendant’s criminal history it is very apparent that the defendant is not interested in living a lawful life,” authorities said. “The defendant has a very consistent pattern of using alcohol, including driving while under the influence, beginning in 2002. He also has been involved in assaultive behavior and obstruction of law enforcement.”
Del Carmen’s defense attorney argued, however, that Del Carmen’s crimes occurred when he was 16 and he has since become “an excellent father and good provider for his family.”