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Man Ubers dead girlfriend to hospital after assault over text

A Pennsylvanian man is currently facing several charges after authorities say he beat his girlfriend to death over an alleged text message she received from her ex-boyfriend. The incident occurred Sunday at the suspect’s Perkiomen Township home. According to the report, the suspect 23-year-old Nicholas Forman, drove the body of his girlfriend  22-year-old Sabrina Harooni to a hospital in an Uber. Nurses immediately began working on Harooni whom they say was ice cold, had bruising around her neck, and who’s pupils were described as “blown out.” Officials also said that Harooni was dressed only in loose sweatpants and a puffer jacket and that when her pants were later removed, wood chips spilled out. As authorities were investigating the incident, an Uber driver who drove the couple home the night before told them that the couple had gotten into an argument after Harooni joked about receiving a text message from her ex. The driver told authorities that Forman became increasingly aggressive and at one point, Harooni claimed that he was scaring her. The driver told authorities that he dropped the couple off and drove up the street but returned later with his window’s down so he could hear the argument. The driver says Forman demanded Harooni’s phone and would not let her in the house until she gave it to him. The driver says he waited until he could no longer hear arguing and then drove away. The next morning Forman called another Uber and rushed Harooni to the hospital. During a police interview, Forman told authorities that Harooni had gotten into an argument with three girls at a bar and gave the girls his address to come fight her later. Forman also told authorities that he did not want to get involved in the altercation because he was on probation for a 2017 DUI, but that though his girlfriend was beat up, she went to bed fine. It wasn’t until the morning that he realized something was wrong. During a search of the property and of Harooni phone, however, authorities found evidence that Forman was actually behind Harooni’s death. In addition to hair matching Harooni’s in the driveway and her blood and dirt on both male and female clothing, authorities also found a video of Forman on Harooni’s phone yelling at what seems to be her unconscious body. In the video Forman can be heard saying ” that’s what cheaters get.” Officials also say that Forman claimed that Harooni was still breathing when he brought her to the hospital which differed from what both nurses and doctors told police. (Viewer Discretion Advised.)

Forman has since been arrested and is charged with first and third-degree murder.