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Man tries to sell dead girlfriend’s car with body in backseat

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (13)
Metro Nashville Police Department

Police in Nashville, Tennessee are reporting that a man murdered his girlfriend and then tried to sell her vehicle with her body in the backseat.

The incident was reported last month on May 2nd.

Officials discovered the body of 44-year-old Pamela Paz in the parking area on on Pennington Bend Road near Music Valley Drive in the early morning hours.

During the investigation, authorities eventually identified 31-year-old Robert Miquel Johnson who was dating Paz at the time, as a potential suspect.

Johnson, however, told police that he was not present for Paz’ murder.

“He was interviewed and provided an alibi, which was subsequently proven to be false,” authorities said.

A witness also later came forward to tell police that Johnson attempted to sell her Paz’ vehicle while Paz laid dead in the backseat of the car.

Johnson is currently behind bars in Wilson County on unrelated charges but is expected to be brought to Nashville to face homicide charges.

A medical examiner reported that Paz  was strangled to death.