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Man throws axe at car during road rage incident

Officials in King County, Washington has been arrested after he was caught on camera throwing an axe at another vehicle.

The incident was reported on July 27th on the 500 block of Ballinger Way NE in Shoreline.

Police say the victim was merging onto a highway when a driver in a Jeep began honking at them. As the two vehicles traveled on the northbound lanes of the highway, the Jeep continued to follow and honk at the other driver so the driver decided to pull off of the highway to avoid the confrontation.

The driver of the Jeep, however, followed the other driver off of the highway before blocking the victim with the Jeep.  The driver of the Jeep then gets out of the vehicle and throws an axe at the other drivers vehicle before taking off.

Authorities say they were able to locate the driver using the dashcam video from the victims vehicle and additional surveillance video.

The suspect who was not named in the report had reportedly been arrested three days after the incident for multiple felonies in another county.