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Man threatens to blow up Florida Capitol

AP Photo_John Raoux (58)
Tallahassee Police

A 61-year-old man is now facing charges after authorities say he threatened to blow up the Florida Capitol.

According to the report, Tallahassee police were called to the Corner Pocket bar after an employee over heard a man identified as Mark Clark “talking about having a bomb at the Capitol.” The employee said that Clark mentioned that the bomb would detonate around 8:00am. Another witness told police that Clark was “wearing all green camouflage.”

The Capitol was evacuated as a precaution, however, authorities say they did not find any explosive devices.

When authorities spoke to Clark at the bar on Apalachee Parkway, he laughed and said that he “did not make any terrorist threats. ”

After a brief investigation, Clark was arrested and is facing a charge of making a false bomb threat in reference to state-owned property.