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Man takes hikers hostage; makes woman wear a “leash”

Jefferson County Sheriffs office
Jefferson County Sheriffs office

A man who took a couple hostage while they were on a hike is now behind bars.
73-year-old Kerry Endsley was arrested on Friday for 2nd Degree Kidnapping, Felony Menacing, and Violation of a Restraining Order. according to the report.
Authorities say they received a call around 8:10 a.m. after a hiker noticed a man holding a couple at gunpoint on a trail near the 3600 block of S. Oak Way in Colorado.
When police arrived, they encountered the couple running towards them.
The couple told police that they were hiking on the trail when they passed a man appearing to tie his shoe.
The man then pointed a gun at them and took them hostage.
During the encounter, Endsley reportedly ordered the woman to the ground and then put a nylon leash around her neck. He then began to lead the couple away.
At some point, the man managed to wrestle the gun out of Endsley’s hands and the couple made a run for it.
The couple told police that despite the Endsley trying to disguise himself, they recognized him and reported that he had a history of harassing the woman.
Authorities were able to locate Endsley on the trail a short distance away from the couple.
When authorities approached him, Endsley reportedly pulled a taser out of his waistband and pointed it at deputies.
One of the deputies fired his gun at Endsley but missed, while another deputy struck Endsley with a taser.
Endsley was taken to an area hospital for treatment after complaining about pain from the stun gun.
He was then transported to jail.