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Man sues bail bond company claiming they are responsible for ex-wife’s death


A man from Springfield is suing a bail bond’s company through his son, after the mother of his son was killed by her husband whom was out on bail after assaulting her.

On Halloween on 2018, 32-year-old Torie Parrow was said to have stopped by her home to pick up her son’s costume.  Torie left the child in the car while she ran inside the home. When she went inside her home, she was met by her husband Melvin Parrow, who just had been released on bond after assaulting her a week prior. Melvin was said to have shot Torie before turning the gun on himself inside the home.

The 8-year-old child eventually called police, which alerted them to the murder-suicide.

The child’s father is now suing A-Advanced Bail Bonds, Michael Nivens Bail Bonds, First Track GPS claiming that Torie Parrow died as a “direct and proximate result” of their decisions.

According to the suit, when Melvin was released on a $50,000 bond in late October, Torie and other family members reportedly reached out to Michael Nivens Bail Bonds in an attempt to get them to get them to take extra measures to protect her from Melvin.

The company reportedly declined to do anything about the situation.

The lawsuit also alleges that the company did not notify law enforcement that Melvin had tampered with and removed his ankle monitor.

A lawyer for the companies reported that the company did inform the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office when they became aware Melvin Parrow had tampered with his GPS monitoring device, but that he could not say whether or not the notification came before or after the murder-suicide.

“We believe the tracking company, First Track, did the job they were tasked with doing,” Kent Hyde said.

Hyde told reporters that he has since filed motions asking the claims be dismissed against his clients.