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Man shot during shootout with girlfriend’s father after alleged kidnapping

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crime scene shootout

Authorities in South Florida are currently investing after a man was shot by his girlfriend’s father after he allegedly kidnapped her.
The incident occurred on Wednesday night on the 1200 block of Dunad Avenue.
Authorities say the victim and her boyfriend were driving through Miami-Dade County when they got into an argument.
The boyfriend reportedly punched the victim in the face and on her body, so she tried to get out of the car.
The boyfriend refused to allow her to leave. They then drove to Opa-Locka where the victim was able to call her father.
Her father met them at the scene and confronted the boyfriend:
“There was actually a gunfight on the street. It doesn’t get more dangerous than that,” Sheriff Scott Israel said. “Eventually police arrived. No force was used by police at all.”
The boyfriend was shot by the father and taken to an area hospital.
The father and the victim were unharmed.
Officials say the boyfriend is now facing charges of attempted murder, armed kidnapping, and false imprisonment.