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Man shot by police after climbing into SWAT training

Police swat

A man was shot after he climbed up the Chicago Police Department fire escape and entered a SWAT team training.
The incident occurred Monday around 11:30 a.m. at the Homan Square facility at 1011 S. Homan Ave.
Officials say the suspect walked up to a security guard and asked them where he could pick up property.
The official directed the man to where the public can retrieve items from the police, but the suspect instead went in another direction.
Video shows the suspect notice the fire escape. He then “manipulates several items” so that he could reach the staircase.
The man climbed the stairwell to the fifth floor where the SWAT team was training and used a door that was propped-open for airflow to enter the room.
The suspect was said to have then grabbed at least two guns that were laid out on a table as part of the SWAT training, before pointing them at the officers.
During a press conference, officials reported that the guns contained “simulated munitions,” like pellets because they were being used in a training and that officers from other parts of the building were called into the room:
“That notification has an immediate response from officers from other parts of the building,” Brown said. “The person, the offender, points those guns at officers, and is fired upon and struck by one of the officers.”
The suspect was shot and transported to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
Not much is known about the suspect at this time, but authorities did report that the man is from Waukegan and has “got some arrests.”