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Man shoots woman who accidently bumped into him at grocery store


Authorities in Pennsylvania are searching for a 26-year-old man who shot a woman who accidently bumped into him while shopping at a grocery store.

The incident occurred on January 26th at Coatesville Market.

Investigators say the victim apologized to Moenell Coleman after running into him but Coleman still became irrate and threatened to shoot her.

The woman then left the store but Coleman followed her to her home which was a block away.

Once the woman reached her house, Coleman then confronted her while she stood in the doorway. He then opened fire on her before fleeing the scene.

Authorities say the victim was grazed in the leg by a bullet but her brother who was in the home at the time, was struck directly by a bullet.

The woman was treated at the scene, while her brother was hospitalized.

The Coatesville Police Department says they are currently searching for Coleman.

He is wanted on two counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault, and various firearm charges.

Coleman is said to have ties to Wilmington, Delaware, and Norristown, Pennsylvania.