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Man sets mother’s house on fire

Miami-Dade Police
Miami-Dade Police

A Miami man has been arrested after he reportedly set his mother’s house on fire.
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue say they responded to a home in the 9300 block of Southwest 6th Terrace around 3:59 a.m. Wednesday due to the report of a house fire.
Authorities put out the fire and then began investigating it’s source.
According to the report, Miami-Dade Police were also on the scene and noticed that they were at the same home the day before after a neighbor heard the residence being destroy and was concerned for the safety of the person who lived inside.
When police spoke to the resident, he identified himself as Eric Javier Martinez and told authorities that he was the homeowner and that he was upset, so he took out his frustration on the house.
Officials say there was damage to the granite stone kitchen counters, the rear sliding glass door and the front door, which amounted to $30,000 in damage.
On the day of the fire, authorities located Martinez walking down an alley and took him in for questioning.
Martinez told them that he and his brother got into a fist fight in the home and at some point during the fight, a plastic bin that contained cardboard and light bulbs caught fire.
Investigators, however, found evidence that the fire was purposely set.
Officials say the fire started in a bedroom where they found a torch, a lighter, and two glass pipes with residue.
They also found video evidence that disproved Martinez’ story.
Martinez then confessed that he his homeless and that the house belonged to his mother who lets him sleep there when she is not renting it out.
He has been charged with first-degree arson, criminal mischief, and possession of drug paraphernalia.