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Man responsible for three dismembered bodies in dumpster says they were a sacrifice

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (69)
Fort Worth police

Authorities in Texas are reporting that the suspect responsible for the deaths of several people says that he killed them because he felt “compelled to sacrifice them.”

41-year-old Jason Thornburg was taken into custody on Monday after investigators discovered that he was behind the dismembered bodies that were found burning inside of a dumpster in Fort Worth on Sept. 22nd.

Officials say they were able to identify Thornburg as the suspect after retrieving surveillance footage of his vehicle driving away from the scene.

Thornburg told officers during a police interview, that he had in-depth knowledge of the Bible and believed he was being called to “commit sacrifices.”

The suspect went on to say that he had been staying at a motel in the Fort Worth suburb of Euless since late July and that around five days before the burning bodies were initially found, the first victim, 42-year-old David Lueras showed up at his room. Thornburg says he cut Lueras’ throat and then cut him into pieces in the bathtub.

Two days later ,Thornburg slit the throat of a woman he knew casually, who showed up at his motel room and attempted to slit the throat of a third woman but ended up strangling her instead.

Authorities originally believed that Thornburg may have killed a child, however, they later identified the body as belonging to a woman.

Investigators say Thornburg was already on their radar for the death of his roommate on May 24th.

Thornburg eventually confessed to his murder stating that he slit their throat then uncapped a natural gas line and lit a candle.

He then confessed to killing his girlfriend in Arizona. While authorities have not found her body, they did report that a missing person’s report was filed on her.

Thornburg is currently in custody. His bail has been set at $1 million.